Pilar Sunday Liturgy


Our spirituality is missionary in its essence which corresponds to the mandate of proclaiming the Gospel and is to be rooted in the person and mission of Jesus. Each of our missionaries, called to live and work in an Apostolic Community is a man of prayer, faith and hope and one who expresses the paschal joy.

Our missionaries are called to follow Christ radically through a life of renunciation and sacrifice (cf. Lk 9: 3-5). They are to willingly carry the cross that ensures from their apostolic commitment (cf. Lk 9:23). They are also to live an itinerant life style, ready to go without hesitation top any place (cf. Lk 9:6), neither looking for comfort or material security nor discouraged by the lack of success.) cf. RM 87 -91)

Pilar Sunday Liturgy