Pilar a tiny hillock, ringed by the foothills of the Western Ghats and overseeing the Arabian Sea, has been a silent observer and captive participant in many events that have shaped Goa. While everyone is enchanted by its natural beauty, it is a living and dynamic hillock.


The hillock of Pilar gradually gained a new look. Keeping with the millennium-old tradition of spirituality, the first activity was the Pilgrim’s House which served as a place for retreats and visitors. It has been now replaced by the new Pilar Retreat Centre of 1984. The fifty-year-old tradition of Lenten retreats at Pilar is still alive.

The Pilar retreat centre is a popular place for people to conduct seminars and courses as well.

In 1946, the foundation stone was laid for one of the most statuesque buildings of Goa – The India Mission Seminary. A new block for the Pilar Theological College was added in 1996 and this also offers courses in theology for the laity today.

The Apostolic school, the Minor Seminary, the Prenovitiate is all housed in Pilar. The hillock has produced priests who go to the poorest places of India with their selfless service.

The tradition of education on the hillock right from Kadamba times has spawned a high school, higher secondary school, Degree College of arts and science and a music school. A printing press for the training of students and vocational courses for students is also available.